Worldwide Events And Roadshows

Beltone Financial Maintains a client Centric approach throughout its expansion plan, setting up roadshows and conferences around the world to offer a strategic platform for current and potential investors to connect with owners of listed companies, and to nurture and sustain relationships with current clients as well as attract new prospects to its growing partner network. Beltone has held three conferences in coordination with New York stock exchange, three corporate ACCESS days in Londo, in addition to two investor conferences in Doha sponsored by Qatar exchange focusing on Investment opportunities across the MENA region.

On the corporate access level, Beltone ACCESS is our thematic flagship bi-quarterly event where we bring together investors, management of listed equities and Governmental Officials in order to assess macro and micro-opportunities and challenges. Beltone ACCESS is currently held in Cairo, UAE and key destinations globally to better serve our existing and potential clients.