Beltone Fixed Income is a subsidiary of Beltone Financial, and the sole functional Fixed-Income brokerage arm in Egypt that deals in Fixed Income securities, with a focus on the Egyptian debt market, in order to provide advice and recommendations on a wider range of opportunities for investors to consider.

The Beltone Fixed Income team is comprised of passionate young brokers coupled with seasoned veterans of the Finance industry, bringing you the best professional coverage and deep market analysis of international primary and secondary markets:

  • Daily reports displaying an over view of activities pertaining to the Egyptian market and Egyptian international bonds, generated by the thorough quality analysis provided by our world-class research team.
  • Access to critical communication tools that offer rich advice through different channels, such as email, phone calls, Reuters Messenger, and Bloomberg Messenger.
  • Access to exhaustive coverage of secondary markets, including executions, volumes, historical data, and pricing.
  • Provision of local and international competitive bids and offers for a wide range of market tenors.
  • Trading of corporate bonds, international bonds and US T-bills based on client requests.
  • Access to local and international major and minor fixed income market players, including but not limited to, financial institutions, asset management firms, banks, corporates, and high-net-worth individuals.