Looking to grow your business but short on resources? Then look no further than Beltone Leasing.

Beltone Leasing is a new subsidiary by Beltone Financial Group that offers you tailored financial leasing products and services to provide you with customized and value-adding solutions that take into consideration your business current state of affairs in more ways than one.

About Us

Beltone Leasing is an Egyptian joint stock company incorporated under Law No. 176 for the year 2018, licensed by the Financial Regulatory Authority (“FRA”) No. (297) to carry out leasing activities, having its registered office at Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed, Giza. Building on Beltone Financial’s vast regional experience, our unanimous culture of ownership and our seasoned industry professionals that represent a solid track record of bringing innovative financial solutions to a wide range of MENA markets, Beltone Leasing is adamant on being a reliable source of medium to long-term funds that suit the needs of corporations, SMEs and startups alike. Our efforts aim to finance growth and materialize your dreams into realities, ultimately restructuring your financial position and setting the bar high among the competition. We achieve that through our knowledgeable and talented team members that enriches our extensive research practices to yield valuable market insights, as well as our continuous investment in our capabilities and resources to guarantee the utmost standards of service, powered by a mandate to satisfy your current business needs while considering its future dynamic requirements as they unfold.


What We Offer

Although Beltone Leasing’s offering is progressive, our principles are deeply rooted in tradition; tradition that understands the importance of tailored attention and putting our clients first, providing them with state-of-the-art leasing solutions that empower and enable new business ventures with calculated risk and minimum hassle. Beltone Leasing offers its wide range of leasing products to emerging industries and business sectors as well as business owners in the different fields.

Leasing Products & Services

Business owners can now rely on Beltone Leasing to provide them with financing solutions for different types of assets that can be leased in a variety of ways such as; commercial vehicles, industrial machinery, IT equipment (hardware & software), production lines, real state (commercial and administrative properties) , medical equipment and much more. Beltone Leasing also offers advisory services and post-sales support for business owners to get the most out of their solutions.

Our passion to provide you with the most relevant and personalized leasing solutions has paved the way for us to enhance the prospects of our clients and partners, acting as a catalyst of growth and continuously striving to offer innovative and sustainable leasing solutions for your business, ultimately achieving increased profits for shareholders and delivering a stronger market impact.


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