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Insights into Beltone Research operational

Through our exclusive and comprehensive coverage, Beltone Research insures in-depth research analysis as well as perceptive interactions with our analysts so as to provide our clients with meticulous insight to guide them through their investment decisions. Beltone Research has expanded its regional research coverage in the GCC as well as widening local coverage to insure a more comprehensive outlook on the Egyptian market, now with nearly 90 stocks under our coverage. We currently cover over 75% of the EGX market cap (90% of EGX30 Index, 70% of EGX70 Index) and 45% of the Saudi Tadawul market cap. We deliver valuable insight into leading companies and economies to provide you with strong investment strategies across the region.

Content excellence

Our team of seasoned and up-and-coming aspiring analysts deliver the most efficient coverage of the Egyptian, UAE, Saudi, and Kuwaiti markets, from macro impressions and economic environment to industry and company performances across various sectors. We complement our bottom-up equity analyses with unique top-down evaluations of the country’s current macro picture. Our products range from timely and concise breaking news commentary and daily news updates, including the Wake Up Call, First Impression, At a Glance, and MENA Markets Closing Bell to in-depth macro and equity research reports, including Macro Note, Valuation Update and thematic notes. Through our regular Beltone Access thematic conferences, we provide you with a dynamic platform to directly engage not only with management teams from select companies from across the region, but also with our analysts. This is not to mention our regular conduction and hosting of roadshows, events, and one-on-one conference calls.