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Beltone Venture capital (SME) is an Egyptian joint stock company incorporated under Capital Market Law No. 95 for the year 1992, licensed by the Financial Regulatory Authority (“FRA”) No. (803) to carry out venture capital activities. Beltone SME provides Revenue-based Financing to Egyptian SMEs seeking growth capital. We support businesses to scale by connecting them to a wide network of advisors and service providers.

Frequently asked questions

Beltone SME offers innovative, tailor-made financing to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
Through our experience, we have learned that combining financing with business support is imperative to help sustain and grow your business.
Since business support is as integral as access to capital for SMEs, we offer our portfolio companies a wide range of services aimed at facilitating access to expertise, information and market linkages.
Our Flagship product, Revenue Based Financing (RBF), offers risk capital to small and medium sized businesses
in exchange for rights to a percentage of future revenues for a specified period of time.
We work with several sectors, industries, and specifically entrepreneurs in high-growth markets, looking for ways to finance their businesses without giving up equity.
We are currently offering investments ranging from EGP2mn-25mn (including follow-up investments) in growth capital to qualified companies.

Companies can qualify for financing for up to a third of their expected annual revenue. For example, if Y1 sales projected are at EGP6mn, the maximum investment provided would be EGP2mn.

For more information on the amount of financing, we can provide you, please contact us or visit our website.

Our product is specifically tailored to form a partnership with the business owners without compromising the entrepreneurs’ ownership and operational control of the business.

- Non-dilutive

Business owners do not need to give up an ownership stake.

- Less expensive than equity

Require lower returns than equity.

- Less restrictive than debt

Fewer covenants and a more suitable security package.

- Operational control

Our capital is non-voting with no requirements for a board seat. We invest in the entrepreneur’s growth plan and execution.

- Limited growth participation

Growth driven by enhanced margins or operational improvements do not increase your payments.

- Faster transaction process

Application-to-Disbursement process spans 60 days, faster than equity investments or bank loans.

- True partnership

Since royalty payments are directly tied to the company’s success, our interests are aligned. During challenging periods, payments automatically decrease.

We support entrepreneur-owned and managed businesses across a range of sectors and business stages including healthcare, education, agribusiness, manufacturing, food & beverage,  construction , wholesale & retail, professional services, among others.

We support businesses complying with applicable environmental, legal, and social requirements (ESG) as we understand our fiduciary duty to drive positive change in our community.

For more information on whether your business qualifies for our financing, please contact us.

Beltone SME offers flexible tenures based on the unique needs of your business. Typically, we invest in a business for a period of 2 to 6 years.
To discuss your business or our potential partnership please contact us or visit our website.
Beltone SME does not require real-estate collateral, as we assess a business based on its future potential.
Our security package is tailored along with the remainder of the agreements governing our relationship with the financed business.
An integral part of our business is offering business support aimed at facilitating access to expertise, information and market linkages.

We target entrepreneurs/business owners who are committed to, and involved in, all aspects of their business and have the relevant experience or track record.

The businesses we invest in are owned and managed by Egyptians with a proven record of generating revenues and sufficient free cash flow to meet its financial obligations.

The company must have a track record/proof of concept with monthly recurring revenue for at least six months prior to their application with Beltone SME.

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Yehia Ashour
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Ahmed Zeinhom
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Menna Tarek
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Omar Aboulmagd
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